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Intellemetrics & Angstrom Engineering Team Up for Precision Optical Coatings

March 5, 2021

Intellemetrics and Angstrom Engineering have completed work to integrate the Intellemetrics IL570 Optical Monitoring System into Angstrom’s Reticle 300 range of high throughput Ion Beam Sputter Deposition (IBSD) systems. The Reticle chamber is a turn-key system capable of precision optical films deposited using IBSD coupled with secondary ion assist.

Intellemetrics’ optical monitor is integrated into Angstrom’s Apex controller and their Aeres control system to provide a unified deposition control and optical monitoring solution in a single process. Every step of the deposition and monitoring process is fully automated to product optical films of the highest purity, density and stability.

The integrated optical monitor provides both front face reflection and transmission monitoring capability on Angstrom’s rotating 300mm diameter wafer holders.

Watch Angstrom’s video here and see the Intellemetrics Optical monitor integrated into a high quality precision optics production tool.