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LEP500 Overview

Real-time, in-situ plasma etch depth monitoring and end point detection plus co-linear wafer vision system.

If the plasma etch depth of your device is important, then you need the LEP500. Hit your target etch depth first time and every time.

Within minutes the LEP500 can be fitted to just about any plasma etch machine that has a clear normal incidence view of the wafer being etched. This is usually through a small window port in the centre of the top electrode. Most modern etch machines come with such a central window as standard and most manufacturers will supply a modified electrode upon request. If you have any doubts about your particular plasma etch tool then feel free to contact us for advice.


Plasma Etch Chamber

The LEP500 plasma etch depth monitors provide real-time process control solutions for a wide range of dry etch applications including semiconductors, optoelectronics, MEMS, failure analysis and general thin film removal.

The instrument offers in-situ monitoring solutions with excellent noise rejection and reduced set-up costs for both production and R&D environments. The system includes a user-friendly Windows-based environment for input, control and visualisation. EtchDirector software calculates the etch rate and etch depth in real time enabling enhanced control of process termination.

The LEP500 is designed to operate either as a standalone tool, or to be integrated into an OEM etch tool through a simple and robust communications interface.

Download a presentation to see how the LEP500 can help you. Click here to download.