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Intellemetrics IL570 OM

IL570 Overview

Intellemetrics optical coating monitors are integrated onto coating chambers around the world, controlling the growth of high precision optical film stacks and enabling our partners to significantly increase their yields and product performance.

Each system is a complete turnkey solution including all of the hardware, software and electrical/mechanical/optical interfaces required for optimised monitoring in your particular chamber geometry.

The software suites provided with every Intellemetrics Optical Monitor include the latest versions of FilmMaker and FilmDirector.

Our systems directly integrate into your coating chamber control system so that you can manufacture complex film stacks in an automated, hands-free manner.

ILM 570

We install our systems onto your coating chamber at your facility, and then provide full hardware and software training. We consider our customers as partners, and therefore we provide as much on-going and unlimited support as you need.

Suitable for the following coating technologies

  • Electron Beam Evaporation (with/without IAD)
  • Ion Beam Sputtering
  • Magnetron Sputtering
  • Any other type of sputtering

Monitoring Configurations

  • Transmission / Front Face Reflection / Back Face Reflection
  • Direct Monitoring on the End Product
  • In-Direct Monitoring on a Witness Piece
  • Stationary Witness Pieces including Test Glass Changers
  • Moving and tilting substrates on rotating platens, calottes, and even planetaries
  • Monitoring from outside the chamber via vacuum windows
  • Monitoring from inside of the chamber using vacuum compatible fibres and custom designed launch and receive assemblies
  • Monitoring for flip-chip systems


  • Film stack designs from UV out to > 15 microns
  • AR/HR Coatings
  • Laser Facet Coatings
  • Narrowband Filters
  • Bandpass Filters including face recognition filters
  • Notch Filters
  • Longpass / Shortpass Filters
  • Hot / Cold Mirrors
  • CWDM and DWDM Filters

Further Information

  • Download the Optical Coating Monitor Presentation
  • FilmMaker & FilmDirector

Click here to view the Intellemetrics OMS Presentation.
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