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LEP500 two screen computer

LEP500 Features

The LEP500 Series comes in a number of different configurations to satisfy the etching needs of a wide range of diverse materials as well as the diverse needs of a wide range of applications – from flexible research and development labs to the stringent requirements of high volume production facilities. We have made the range as modular as possible to enable you to choose the system that meets your specific requirements. 

Monitoring Wavelength 670nm, 980m or 1550nm
Working Distance 200mm to 800mm wafer to LEP500
Camera Image 5 Mpixel
Image Resolution Working Distance dependant. 4um to 10um
Laser Spot Size at Wafer Working Distance dependant. 8um to 40um at FWHM
Collimation Built-in 2-axis goniometers
Alignment Built-in X-Y Stages
Manual or Motorised stages
Motorised stages controlled via remote joystick, or via software commands
Operation Either Manual or integrated into etch chamber control system for fully automated operation
Coms Interface Digi IO and/or TCP/IP
Controller Module 2U x 19inch rack mount ruggedised controller module running under Win 10 Pro, with all software and interfaces
Software Full EtchDirector software suite


  • III-V
  • II-VI
  • Silicon
  • Polymers
  • Dielectrics
  • Metals

Product Sectors

  • Optoelectronics: lasers, modulators, detectors
  • Silicon: CMOS, trench isolation, wafer thinning, vias
  • MEMS: buried oxide etch, deep silicon etc
  • Photomask: metals & dielectric etch
  • Packaging: topographic surfaces
  • Bio Chips: micro-channel etch
  • Failure Analysis