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Who We Are

We are a team of engineers with a vision to transform the manufacturing of optical coatings and plasma etched devices. We have been developing in-situ monitoring and control instruments for the optical coating and plasma etching industries for over 35 years. We have customers around the world ranging from end users (universities, R&D labs, 24/7 production coating houses etc) to OEM equipment manufacturers who integrate our solutions into their offerings.

What We Do

Intellemetrics works with customers to help automate and control their manufacturing processes. We do this by understanding their manufacturing goals and then supplying a range of optical in-situ monitoring and control tools that allow our partners to achieve manufacturing yields and product performances that were previously unattainable.

Intellemetrics systems are integrated into vacuum coating and plasma etch systems. These monitors are used across a wide range of thin film coating and plasma etching applications to analyse and control the growth or removal of material, measuring in-situ real-time thickness variations during complex fabrication processes.

Partnering With Us

We consider our customers as partners. We invest in making our partners successful. Because if our partners are successful, then we are successful. We strive to ensure our partners get the maximum performance out of the solutions that we provide through extensive after sales, support and training. This is how we work.

For instance, for our range of solutions for precision optical coatings, we provide unlimited on-going remote support to our partners in the form of analysing results, help in designing optical monitoring schemes for their particular product needs and help with driving yields and performances to higher levels.