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Intellemetrics IL570 OM


FilmDirector is supplied with every Intellemetrics optical monitoring system. It integrates seamlessly with FilmMaker, the optical monitor hardware, and the coating chamber control system.

FilmDirector performs the following tasks;

  • Allows user intervention to override automated control at any point, and allows recovery from a number of different scenarios.
  • Provides full data logging of all time/date stamped events, as well as full logging of the measured optical monitor data.

  • Provides a fully intuitive instrument interface at the coating machine.
  • Allows the coating engineer to load an unlimited number of FilmMaker Projects that define everything for the automated coating run.
  • Provides full optical monitoring during the deposition and control of layer cuts for an unlimited number of recipes with an unlimited number of layers.
  • Provides full live graphical feedback of the incoming data in a number of simultaneously available windows.
FilmDirector Screen 2

  • Performs T% or R% wavelength scans on the coated substrates between layers or at the end of the run.
  • Superimposes the theoretical spectrum between layers or at the end of the run.
  • Auto saves the measured and theoretical spectra to log files
The FilmReviewer screen

  • Provides full data logging of every layer T% or R% as a function of time, as well as every time stamped event and action.
  • RAW data is automatically saved and can be analysed and reprocessed after the run.
FilmDirector Screen 4

  • Provides a full data communication and control interface between the Intellemetrics Controller Module and all aspects of the optical monitor hardware.
  • Provides a full communication interface between the optical monitor Controller Module and the coating chamber control system to allow fully automated monitoring and control of complex multilayer coatings. This allows interfacing to any combination of the coating chamber PLC, crystal controllers or even for manual operation.

  • Provides full access and control of Intellemetrics Test Glass Changers.
  • Tracks which test glasses have been coated even on power-down.
  • Automatically assigns known good test glasses to each run.
  • Logs which test glass positions have been used with each coating run.

  • Touchscreen compatible interface for cleanroom use.