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The IL570 Range of Optical Monitors

At the heart of every Intellemetrics Optical Monitoring System is an IL570 OMS and an IL570-C Controller Module. These units contain the following elements;

  • Dual-beam source modules covering various wavelength ranges.
  • High-speed four-phase chopping systems.
  • Motorised monochromators and order-sorting filter wheels to cover various wavelength ranges.
  • Various detector technologies.
  • High-speed digitisation and digital signal processing electronics.
  • The latest versions of Intellemetrics FilmMaker and FilmDirector software suites.
  • Digital interfaces to all of the Intellemetrics accessories, including Test Glass Changers.
  • A selection of communication interfaces for integration into customer’s coating chamber control systems.
  • Optical Launch and Receive assemblies.
Wavelength Ranges

Wavelength Ranges

Intellemetrics Optical monitors are used to measure and control coatings designed for applications ranging from deep UV to > 15um. Our standard range of products monitor over the following wavelength ranges;

IL570-DUV 230-800nm
IL570-DUV-2 230-1100nm
IL570-DUV-3 230-1650nm
IL570-1 300-800nm
IL570-2 400-1100nm
IL570-3 550-1650nm
IL570-4 800-2200nm
IL570-1-3 300-1650nm
IL570-2-3 400-1650nm
IL570-1-4 300-2200nm
IL570-2-4 400-2200nm
Monitoring Configurations

Monitoring Configurations

Intellemetrics has been making optical monitors for the precision optical coating sector since 1986. Over that time, we have gained extensive experience integrating our monitors into an extensive range of chamber geometries and configurations that utilise a wide range of coating technologies. These include;

  • Reflection monitoring, both front face and back face.
  • Transmission monitoring.
  • Direct monitoring on the actual product.
  • In-direct monitoring on a stationary witness piece.
  • Monitoring multiple test pieces in a test glass changer.
  • Monitoring moving and tilting pieces.
  • Monitoring from the outside of the chamber via vacuum feedthrough windows.
  • Monitoring from within the chamber using vacuum fiber feedthroughs and in-vacuum launch and receive optical assemblies.
  • Flip-chip monitoring, i.e. direct monitoring on a test piece that is flipped during the coating process to achieve coatings on both sides.
Test Glass Changers

Test Glass Changers

Intellemetrics supplies test glass changers that are custom designed to your particular chamber geometry and monitoring requirements. These are fully automated and fully integrated with our FilmDirector software, enabling you to use single or multiple test glasses within each coating run. Features include;

  • Fully integrated and automated via the FilmDirector software.
  • Can be used in front-face reflection, back-face reflection and/or transmission.
  • Can be integrated with single crystal heads, multiple crystal changer heads, thermocouples,, etc.
cogs with text process and automation

Integration & Automation

As well as integrating all of the hardware and optical elements into your coating chamber system, we also provide a range of communication interfaces that allow fully automated operation of the optical monitor system from the control system of the coating chamber. This allows completely hands-free automated operation of the optical monitor for 24/7 manufacturing facilities.

These interfaces include;

  • TCP/IP via an ethernet cable.
  • Digital IO communication via an opto-isolated link.
  • ModBus TCP/IP.

The above interfaces are robust and intuitive, and come with full implementation manuals. We also provide custom software tools to allow you to rapidly program your own systems to communicate with ours.

DWDM Optical Coating Monitors

New WDM Optical Coating Monitors

Intellemetrics now makes a range of optical monitors designed specifically for the manufacture of demanding CWDM, LAN-WDM and DWDM narrow band filters.

  • Coatings > 200 layers
  • Typical Filters > 9 cavities, FWHM down to 0.3nm
  • Centre wavelengths selectable to any ITU channel