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Customer Highlight: Tecport Optics

September 8, 2021

Tecport Optics supply a range of cutting edge coating systems, largely aimed at the high precision optical coating sector. Intellemetrics and Tecport have been successfully working together for over 15 years. During that time, both companies have jointly optimised their products and integrated them to higher and higher degrees, always aiming to give the end-customer a fully integrated and intuitive experience, one that continues to develop.

Tecport, like Intellemetrics, strives to excel in all aspects of customer experience, this being rewarded by Tecport’s multiple chamber/OMS combination sales to Lockheed Martin and Thorlabs to name a few.

Intellemetrics optical monitors can now be found on Tecport coating chambers around the world, in R&D labs and 24/7 production coating facilities. Both companies provide the end-customers with the support that they require, wherever in the world they are.

Tecport’s motto is “We serve to serve again”. This is something that Intellemetrics very much buys into, and is one of the reasons we make such a successful partnership.