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New Automated Test Glass Changer Interface and Features

October 19, 2020

TGC Server News Item

Intellemetrics has recently upgraded and revamped the graphical user interface for it’s range of Test Glass Changers. These automated systems allow customers to monitor test glasses in front face reflection, back face reflection and/or transmission mode, and also allow indexing of a number of test glasses during a deposition run.

The new interface has a number of features designed to make it easier for our customers to do all of the optical monitoring related tasks they need to do. Loading and testing a new carousel of fresh test glass is now an automated process. Each test glass is automatically tested against factory preset calibration data, and automatically designated as good for a deposition run, or bad for whatever reason based on the energy throughput levels.

The overall layout has been streamlined so that different tasks are tab’d into different windows, making the system more user friendly and intuitive to use.

The new interface is available on all new optical monitor systems, and is available on request to existing customers running FilmDirector 2.