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IL150 Quartz Crystal Growth Rate Monitor

The IL150 is an eight layer monitor that can interface to two sensor heads and provides RS232 communication. Resolution is 0.1nm for most of the materials and the unit is extremely robust making it ideal for sputter applications. Thickness and rate are calculated from user supplied data on density and acoustic impedance of the film material. Data for up to eight materials is stored in non volatile memory.

Two sensor heads can be attached to the unit and used either as back-up or, alternatively, as the primary sensor for the particular film being deposited.

  Offer Price - £1,300

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The user can also enter a tooling factor to compensate for differences in detector/substrate geometry.

Deposition may be automatically terminated at a specified thickness by remote operation of a shutter. A particular feature of the IL150 is that it is capable of displaying both positive and negative shifts. This enables the instrument to be used in certain etching operations and also allows the operator to observe and therefore compensate for flash-heating effects.

Complete Package Offer - £2,245 !!!

Why not simply buy the complete kit, everything you need to get started at a special cut down price. Comes complete with a manual containing comprehensive assembly instructions.

Kit contains:

  • IL150 Quartz Crystal Growth Rate Monitor
  • Sensor Head with 30 inch x 3/16 inch dia cooling tubes
  • 1 inch bolt baseplate feedthrough with 3/16 inch dia cooling tubes
  • Swagelok fittings for the above
  • 6 MHz Oscillator
  • Complete cable set
  • 1 packet of 10 crystals - High precision Gold coated 6MHz SN66HG
  • Manual containing full assembly and operation instructions


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