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New LEP500 Etch Depth Monitor
May 2015

Intellemetrics has released the LEP500 Etch Depth Monitor to replace the highly successful LEP400 and LEP410 systems. The LEP500 offers the following improvements;

  • Small spot sizes down to 8 microns.
  • Improved vision system with 1280x1024 resolution as standard and higher resolutions available on request.
  • Improved focusing system for faster more intuitive focusing.
  • Improved goniometric stage for faster more intuitive alignment.
  • Improved imaging software with a wide range of new features including software zooming and edge enhancement.

Units available for shipping from May 2015.

New Small Spot Size LEP410 Etch Depth Monitor
June 2014

Intellemetrics has developed a new improved small spot size version of its LEP400 etch depth monitor. The new LEP410 will have spot sizes down to less than 10 micron diameter depending upon the working distance between the wafer and the interferometer head. These 670nm systems are designed to answer the increasing need for customers to access smaller and smaller mask features.

First units will be shipping in July 2014.

Intellemetrics Releases Anomaly Mode Detector for EtchDirector
May 2014

Intellemetrics releases a new endpoint detection mode into its EtchDirector software. The new mode, the "Anomaly Detector", automatically detects a wide range of changes during an etch process. These changes could be a change in etch rate, a change in amplitude, a change in shape, or combinations of all three. In this manner it can be used to monitor layers whose thickness is not known beforehand or that can vary from wafer to wafer. It can detect the passing of interfaces between layers and be set up to count the passage of layers, stopping at the end of the third layer for instance.

This is an extremely powerful and flexible technique that will have a wide range of applications.

The image below shows a wafer with three different materials. The customer didn't know the thickness of each layer before the run, but knew that they had to stop as soon as the third layer had been etched...and they needed it to run automatically through all three layers.

The Anomaly Detector was set up to detect the change in profile of the live signal and successfully endpointed at the end of each layer. The EtchDirector software allowed the etch process to continue at the end of layers 1 and 2 but sent a STOP signal to the etch machine at the end of layer 3.

Contact us to see how the Anomaly Mode Detector can help you.

Intellemetrics Releases EtchDirector for Windows 7
March 2014

Intellemetrics releases the first build of EtchDirector for running on Windows 7 Controller Modules. Customers who have a LEP400 Controller running under Windows XP should contact us to arrange an upgrade to Windows 7 and the latest version of EtchDirector.

Intellemetrics Releases FilmDirector2
January 2014

Intellemetrics releases the first build of the long awaited FilmDirector2. This is the first Windows 7 compatible build and brings about an improved user interface and new features for more accurate and robust monitoring. See here for further details.

Intellemetrics Releases FilmMaker2
March 2013

Intellemetrics releases the first build of the long awaited FilmMaker2. This is the first Windows 7 compatible build and brings about a complete reworking of the user interface, with added features and functionality. See here for further details.

Extended Materials Database Import into FilmMaker
August 2011

Intellemetrics' latest build of FilmMaker (Version 1.0, Release 5, Build 120) introduces extensive importing of materials' n and k data from CSV format. Customers who have access to Excel or any other program that can create a CSV format file can now import as many materials, with n and k values specified at as many wavelengths as they want with the click of a button.

Customers can already import complete film stacks from CSV or from Excel format files, thereby giving significant time savings when creating optical monitoring schemes.

FilmMaker Materials Form: Note the Import Materials from CSV button

The above features have already been incorporated in to FilmStar's MONITOR program, thereby increasing the ease with which data can be exchanged between these packages.

Click here to download a full description of the CSV format required for importing Materials Properties into FilmMaker.

Customers with older versions of FilmMaker should contact us to investigate getting the most recent version of FilmMaker.

New Large Chamber Direct Monitoring System Developed
January 2011

Intellemetrics has successfully developed and installed a new optical monitor technology for large chamber geometries where direct monitoring of a fast moving calotte is required. Monitoring from 480nm to 1080nm has been achieved with single measurements in 3ms. Fully automated coating runs of greater than 250 layers have been achieved.

Read More....

FilmStar MONITOR Extends Integration with Intellemetrics' FilmMaker
September 2009

Intellemetrics is pleased to announce that the FilmStar optical design software from FTG Software Associates has recently been extended to enable an easier flow of data to Intellemetrics' FilmMaker software.

Many of Intellemetrics' customers using the IL550 and IL560 range of optical monitors also use the FilmStar optical design package. Intellemetrics' FilmMaker software takes the optical design and allows creation of the optical monitoring scheme, whilst Intellemetrics' FilmDirector controls the optical monitor during the deposition process.

FilmStar MONITOR (Version 2.52) has now been extended so that settings can be imported directly into FilmMaker via CSV files created by FilmStar, thereby significantly easing the data entry process.

The Thick (nm) column (select 'Intellevation' in Setup.. Program Mode) converts design optical or physical thickness to physical thickness in nm on the monitor witness. Thickness values include tooling factors (monitor/substrate ratio) for each material.

A simple FilmStar MONITOR BASIC program creates the required CSV file. Once in FilmMaker, click File.. Import.. Film Stack.. From CSV to transfer the values. Then click the Verify Film button to compute and fill-in the remaining values.

You have just created created an optical monitoring scheme in FilmMaker from an optical design in FilmStar!

Click here for more information on FilmStar.

Intellemetrics Appoints ASI as US Distributor
May 2009

Intellemetrics is pleased to announce that Applied Science Industries (ASI) will serve as the exclusive US distributor for Intellemetrics optical monitoring and laser endpoint product lines, and will offer enhanced service, system integration and technical support throughout the US.

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Intellemetrics Annouces European Distribution Agreement with McVac Manufacturing of New York, USA.
Apr 2006

Intellemetrics and McVac Manufacturing Co Inc of Syracuse, New York, announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership in which Intellemetrics will expand its product offering to the thin film coating market by providing exclusive distribution and support services on behalf of McVac in the European market.


Intellemetrics Launches Unique Optical Monitor Product for Precision Optical Coating
Aug 2005

Intellemetrics has announced the launch of a unique simulation capability called FilmSimulator© offering a significant functional enhancement to its IL550 Series of Optical Monitors for precision optical coating applications. The package enables optical designers to perform off-line simulation runs using preprogrammed film structures and incorporate both the physical effects of the Optical Monitor hardware and the idiosyncrasies of their own coating tool in order to investigate the vulnerability of their design to these factors. The result for optical designers is a powerful process design tool giving valuable information on design robustness and ultimately on process yield.


Intellevation Signs Deal with BOC Group
April 2005

As part of it’s growth plans, Intellevation has recently acquired the intellectual property and design rights to a range of process monitoring solutions from Intellemetrics Ltd, a company owned by the world’s largest supplier of vacuum components, namely the BOC Group PLC. Intellevation will manufacture these products under the Intellemetrics trade name, a brand that has gained world-wide industry recognition through a 23 year track record of supplying solutions to the vacuum industry. Intellevation also has plans to utilise its expertise and technology platform to develop a range of novel solutions to further penetrate global markets.

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