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URGENT: Upgrade from Windows 2000 / XP to Windows 7

Contact us NOW to Upgrade!

Customers with optical monitor controllers or LEP400 controllers running under Windows 2000 or XP are strongly advised to contact us to arrange to upgrade their systems to Windows 7.

As you will be aware, Microsoft has recently ended support for these operating systems and the overwhelming advice has been to upgrade to a fully supported operating system. As of the 8th April 2014 your XP controller will no longer receive automatic updates that help protect your information and your system. Even if you have anti-virus software, your controller may not be fully secure. if you continue to use these operating systems without XP support, your computer may still work but will become vulnerable to security risks and viruses.

Intellemetrics is therefore offering to upgrade customers systems to Windows 7. At the time of writing Microsoft is committed to supporting this operating system until January 14th 2020.

This upgrade includes upgrading to FilmMaker2, FilmDirector2 and/or EtchDirector programs to their latest Windows 7 compatible versions with all updates, bug fixes, new features and enhancements to date. You will not only get a more secure system, you will get major software improvements for your instruments.

Contact us now by clicking here to upgrade. Please supply a description of your product (model number), Controller Serial Number (usually found on the side of the Controller Module) and operating system description, i.e. WinXP or Win2000. We will email you back with a description of the upgrade options available.


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