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FilmMaker - Revision History

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Version 2, Release 0, Build 11

Date: 24/11/2014

  • Improved handling of Manual cuts in FilmEditor and FilmSimulator. If a Manual cut is chosen for a particular layer then FilmEditor will warn that a timed cut has been selected and will cut the layer exactly. FilmSimulator will not give a warning but will cut that layer in the expected time plus or minus the random error specified in the Time Cut Error (+/-) section. This should make it easier to design and simulate processes with mixtures of optical, manual and timed cuts for various layers.


Version 2, Release 0, Build 10

Date: 10/09/2014

  • Fixed bug relating to "Copy Project to Media" experienced on some multiuser Windows 7 platforms.


Version 2, Release 0, Build 9

Date: 25/07/2014

  • New Menu Item: File|Export|Materials|To CSV
  • FilmReviewer: auto import of model data for QW interpolation.
  • FilmReviewer: uses QWFactor.
  • FilmReviewer: loads and displays correct layer numbering.
  • FilmReviewer: now shows labelled x-axis ( Time (seconds) ).
  • Improvement to quarter wave interpolator for more accurate cuts after rescaling.
  • Improvement to licence scheme to make it more robust.
  • Various minor bug fixes





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