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Optical Monitors - Test Glass Changers

Intellemetrics has been making Test Glass Changers for a wide variety of coating systems for around 20 years. This experience results in Test Glass Changers which combine extreme robustness (important in a production coating environment) with high precision (important to achieve the highest optical monitoring performance).

The test glass changer is a critical part of a high precision optical measurement system. All too often we come across test glass changers (either home built or by other manufacturers) that simply ruin the performance of an optical monitor. This is especially important in reflection mode and when the source to detector distance is significant, i.e. from one side of a vacuum chamber to the other. Investment in a high quality test glass changer will pay dividends; not doing so will result in a useless measurement system. Be warned.

Intellemetrics provides a range of Test Glass Changer options for its free space and its fibre based optical monitor systems. These designs are customised to your coating system geometry and coating scheme requirements. Our test glass changers are suitable for front face reflection, back face reflection or transmission optical monitoring modes. The systems are also designed so that optical alignment can be achieved from outside of the coating chamber, ideal for aligning under vacuum.

Our Test Glass Changers hold between 6 and 20 test glasses in a carousel configuration. Drop glass systems with 250 test glasses can be supplied as well.

Intellemetrics also supplies Test Glass Changers integrated with multiposition Quartz Crystal Changers for even higher levels of integration. Intellemetrics can supply the multiposition Crystal Changer or we are happy to integrate to your existing Crystal Changer.

Test Glass Changers are driven directly from the IL550 and IL560 series of Optical Monitors thereby providing a truly integrated and automated system. The test glass changes are programmed from within Intellemetrics' FilmMaker software and significantly increase the number and complexity of films achievable within a stack. Intellemetrics' FilmMaker and FilmSimulator software enables the coating engineer to design test glass changes into their coating scheme and also to predict the impact upon yield and precision.

Send our CAD team drawings of your system and we will be happy to advise on a suitable Test Glass Changer option.

Main Features

> In-house designs. Customised for your chamber geometry.

> Driven from Optical Monitor system for true integration and automation.

> Intelligent interface knows which carousel position is being used, which test glasses have been coated, handles error checking, etc.

> Optional Integrated Multiposition Crystal Changer.

> Suitable for front or back face reflection and transmission optical monitoring modes.

> Optical alignment from outside the chamber, i.e. under vacuum.

> Extremely high uniformity from test glass to test glass.

> Up to 16 test glass carousel system or 250 glass drop glass system.

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