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Optical Monitors - Product Range

Impact of Optical Monitoring on Product Performance & Manufacturing Yield

Source Module
  Quartz halogen 300 - 2400nm
  Extension down to 220nm achievable with dueterium source
  PMT 220 - 800nm
  Silicon (Peltier cooled) 400 - 1100nm
  Si plus InGaAs (Peltier cooled) 550 - 1650nm
  PbS (Peltier cooled) 800 - 2200nm

Standard Products
The products listed below are our standard product line. Other wavelength ranges can be supplied upon request.

IL550 Free Space Optical Monitors

Broadband source and detector modules, which include integrated launch and receive optics, are mounted directly onto the growth chamber. These are controlled and monitored by a 19 inch rack mount controller module. All digitisation, and much of the data analysis is carried out at the detector module before the digital signals are passed to the controller. The controller module runs the FilmMaker and FilmDirector suite of software and integrates all of the hardware / software into the coating chamber's control system for fully automated operation of complex coating runs.


Model Waveband (nm)
Il551UV 220-800
IL551 300-800
IL552 400-1100
IL553 550-1650
IL555 800-2200

Typical Configurations

Front face reflection mode monitoring Back face reflection mode monitoring Transmission mode monitoring

IL560 Fibre Based Optical Monitors

For the fiber based optical monitors the source and detector electronics and much of the optics are contained within a 19 inch rack mount enclosure. Optical fibres carry the optical signal to and from the chamber. At the chamber a number of different launch and receive optics modules are available to cover a wide range of applications and geometries.

Intellemetrics' fiber based optical monitors are ideal for high speed sampling applications involving direct monitoring of moving substrates. Sample times down to a few milliseconds can be achieved.


Model Waveband (nm)
Il561UV 220-800
IL561 300-800
IL552 400-1100
IL553 550-1650


Typical Configurations

Our highly experienced Precision Optical Coating Team will be happy to discuss your application and offer advice on the best solution for your needs.

Our skilled engineers will install and commission the above monitor systems directly onto your coating system at your facility as well as provide initial on-site operational training.

In addition, our Precision Optical Coating Team provide a range of specially tailored training and support packages enabling customers to rapidly leverage the full benefits of their Optical Monitoring system. For more information on the training packages available, follow this link: Training And Support

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