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Optical Monitors for Precision Optical Coatings

The IL550 & IL560 Series of Optical Monitors:
> Dual Beam Automated Turnkey Solutions
> Free Space & Fibre Based Solutions
> Direct Monitoring or Monitor on a Test Glass
> Applications from 230nm to > 12 microns
> Powerful FilmMaker2 & FilmDirector2 software suites integrated with every system

The IL550 and IL560 Series of optical monitors are complete turnkey packages. Each package represents a fully integrated and fully automated hardware and software solution achieving the highest standards in performance and capability. Intellemetrics has been making the premier optical monitoring systems for the precision coating industry since 1987 and these products represent the culmination of this work.

The IL550 & IL560 Series of optical monitors are designed to be fitted to your coating chamber and integrated into your coating process.

Our engineers will provide all of the engineering required to make that possible and will then come to your coating facility, wherever in the world that may be, and install and commission the system onto your coating chamber. They will then provide the necessary training to get you started. See Installation Base for a list of some of the coating chambers on which we have installed our optical monitors.

The IL550 & IL560 Series of optical monitors provide real-time endpoint capability for a wide range of precision optical coating applications ranging from 230nm to beyond 12 microns.

The IL550 & IL560 systems monitor the optical signal associated with the growing film and automatically provides a cut based on a pre-programmed optical thickness for that film. The system automatically adjusts the monitoring wavelength for each layer being deposited. The user can choose to make layer cuts either 'on' quarter wave turning points or 'off' quarter wave turning points depending on their situation. This is a major advantage of the IL550 & IL560 system over single wavelength systems and results in an extremely high level of precision, accuracy and repeatability. This process is automatically repeated for as many film layers as required until the process completes.

   Front face reflection mode monitoring in an e-beam chamber onto a test glass changer.

Fibre-Based Optical Monitor for on-piece monitoring in an ion beam sputtering system.

Quartz crystal monitors measure the mass of material deposited and are therefore ideal for control of parameters such as evaporation rate. However, Optical Monitoring is the only way to obtain a direct measurement of the true Optical Thickness of a layer and therefore Optical Monitoring is becoming the preferred solution for a wide range of precision optical components.

The IL550 & IL560 Series are equipped with fully programmable Windows-based digital I/O interface. Our engineers will support the integration of the Optical Monitor onto your coating system including chamber integration and software integration with your quartz crystal and system controller. This enables users to rapidly integrate the Optical Monitor with a wide range of OEM and custom made coating systems.

A broadband source module illuminates the growing film and the detector module analyses the collected signal, either in reflectance or transmittance mode. The system automatically adjusts the probe wavelength depending on the layer being grown.

A dedicated processor unit enables the user to utilise powerful yet friendly Windows®-based patented software algorithms giving a high level of repeatability of optical thickness termination even in the presence of significant system noise.

The full software suite, including film design, coating process design, simulation and analysis tools, is provided integrated with the Optical Monitor system, and can also be provided as a stand alone offline desktop version.

Intellemetrics' powerful FilmMaker2 & FilmDirector2 suite of software is integrated with every system.

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