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LEP500 Product Range

Product Selection

The LEP500 Series comes in a number of different configurations to satisfy the etching needs of a wide range of diverse materials as well as the diverse needs of a wide range of applications - from flexible research and development labs to the stringent requirements of high volume production facilities. We have made the range as modular as possible to enable you to choose the system that meets your specific requirements. In this format we can supply a complete solution that you can have up and running in minutes. You simply need to supply the etch machine and a table or trolley to put the controller and screen on.

Base Systems

The Base Systems are the starting point for your selection. Each Base System includes the following items;

A LEP500 interferometric head with co-linear camera for live viewing of the sample.

A kinematic mount with fingertip control for rapid normal incidence alignment of the optical train.

A high precision 25mm travel manual XY stage to align the laser spot with the desired mask feature.

An adapter block to enable you to bolt the head to the top of the etch chamber.

All power supplies and cabling.

Ruggedised 19inch x 4U Controller Module

20 bit A/D acquisition module for high resolution interference signal capture.

Preinstalled EtchDirector software. See more details of the EtchDirector software here.

The Base Systems come in three flavours depending upon the desired monitoring wavelength, namely;


Standard Options

Each Base System can be supplied with the following options to suite your requirements;



Upgrade to full digital IO capability. The EtchDirector software enables digital IO signals to be associated with critical events, so that the Base System can be integrated into an etch machine's control system allowing automatic start and stop of the etch when the required etch depth or end point condition has been met.


Choose from a range of viewing options for the both the EtchDirector software and the camera image. Option 1: Two 22inch LCD monitors, one for EtchDirector, one for the camera image. Option 2: One 27 inch monitor in portrait mode for both EtchDirector and the camera image. Other options available on request.

Motorised XY Stage with joystick control. Ideal for those cases where the LEP400 is housed behind a cleanroom partition. Supplied with 5m cables between XY stage and joystick. LEP.MOTORXY

Matching keyboard and mouse to connect to the Base System.


Alternative Configurations

A range of other options are available for interfacing and integration into OEM plasma etch tools. Please contact our Technical Team to discuss your application.

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